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Project Management Services

Shearing Consultants Limited has built its reputation on the quality of our work and reliable project management. We’ve managed large-scale projects effectively and efficiently from start to finish. Our commercial and government clients have leaned on our expertise and our experienced team from concept to project completion.

Project Planning
  • Budget and Schedule Management

  • Risk Management

  • Project Scope Development

  • Communication Plan​

  • Regulatory Compliance​​

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2017-07-17 09.17.23.jpg
Design Phase
  • Risk Review

  • Coordination of Team Meetings

  • Procurement and Subcontractor Management

  • Status Reports

  • Safety and Environmental Management Plans

Construction Management
  • Team Meeting Coordination and Site Visits

  • Financial Tracking

  • Change Management

  • Status Report

  • Project Administration

  • Site Safety Coordination ​

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Subcontractor Management

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