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Environmental Services

Since 2012, SCL Environmental has been providing clients with a wide array of services such as environmental assessments and monitoring, remediations and permitting for the natural resources sector.

Fish & Aquatic Services
  • Fish population and fish habitat inventories

  • Fish presence absence  and monitoring studies

  • Aquatic life-form salvages 

  • Taxonomic ID of fish and benthic invertebrates

  • Aquatic and riparian habitat assessments

  • Fish habitat enhancement, recovery planning and mitigation compensation

  • Habitat restoration plans

  • Riparian Areas Assessments (RAPR)

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Wildlife & Vegetation Services
  • Terrestrial habitat assessments and ecological inventories

  • Wildlife presence absence and monitoring studies

  • Bird and bat surveys

  • Species at risk (SAR) protection plans

  • Land impact mitigation and compensation plans 

  • Habitat compensation design 

  • Creation of wildlife harm reduction programs

  • Invasive species ID and mitigation

Environmental Monitoring
  • Construction and post-construction monitoring

  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs)

  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

  • Erosion and sediment control (ESC) plans

  • Compliance testing for land, air and water systems

  • Water quality monitoring and analysis

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